More, please.
They say time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted. Reading through Thought Catalog posts is one of those better ways to spend time on the internet while making some brain cells work – two things that seldom come together. It’s like my tumblr feed, only more insightful. Font style and centered text, perfect. Ads, er, forgivable. and
Travelling is such a thrilling thing to do. Though adventures involving random train or jeep rides with no destination in mind excite me as well, there’s nothing like reading up on a place or cafe, deciding to visit, making an itinerary and finally getting to see with your own eyes the place/s you’ve only read about in those blogs (though sometimes they fail to meet your expectations)! As much as I love travelling, cultural and musical events excite me, too. Missing out on events would be too much of a loss that I frequent these sites’ calendars just to see if there’s anything coming up.
An amazing blog of a woman “levitating” in places. One of the many photoblogs I enjoy!

If not for the VERY relevant information (shooting locations of Japanese films and dramas) I wouldn’t find anywhere else in the web, I wouldn’t be frequenting this site. Though its content makes up for the text-heavy layout, this website is a definite eyesore.

Government websites such as and
Don’t most government websites look the same to you? With a seemingly uniform 3-column layout, flashy colors and portraits of politicians smiling at you… well, they do to me.
I mean, really? Marquee text? I thought we left marquees in the 90’s.